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Moving Into Sales Management

Two-Day Course: Presented by MONDALE IT Training Ltd. 01635 573555

The purpose of this course

To help new and potential sales managers improve their abilities to make and implement strategic decisions. To develop personal competence with increased ability to formulate strategies and action plans.

Benefits for the individual

Delegates will learn how to recruit new dynamic salespeople, identify and improve their leadership style. Learn how to manage inherited team members, and gain their respect. Set team targets, reporting standards and the basic elements of motivational sales meetings and field accompaniment.

What the course will cover
  • The process of management "Fayol's Wheel" Model
  • Make an effective transition between team member and team leader
  • Set performance standards to cover the role of the salesperson
  • Monitor and control sales performance, and act on non-performance
  • Use an effective format for successful recruitment and selection
  • Run an effective sales meeting to inform and motivate the sales team
  • Recruit and select the right people
  • Evaluate the methods of control appropriate to managing sales
  • Projects Include:
    • The New Drink
    • The laptop Launch
    • Adrift in the Atlantic
  • Video Clip: The Unorganised Salesperson

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