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Key Account Selling

Two-Day Course: Presented by MONDALE IT Training Ltd. 01635 573555

The purpose of this course

To win business salespeople must demonstrate to the customer that they have a solution to offer that will add value to their business. This course explains how salespeople add financial value to the solutions they recommend to a customer.

Benefits for the individual

Delegates will be able to do more than just match a product to a customer. This course will show how to become a trusted adviser to the client, how to identify the customer's business strengths and offer solutions that will increase profitability.

What the course will cover
  • How to reach the decision maker
  • Speak the Financial Directors language
  • How to add value to a solution
  • Perform a return on investment analysis to justify capital expenditure
  • How to determine business strengths and weaknesses
  • The five most common key account strategies
  • Understand customer delivered value
  • Calculate and present the Net Present Value of a solution
  • How to approach dissatisfied users
  • The five most important moments of account handling
  • Projects Include:
    • Fashion House
    • Bristol Enterprises
    • Return on Investment
    • Net Present Value
  • Video Clip: The Unorganised Salesperson

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