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The Basic Principles of Selling

Two-Day Course: Presented by MONDALE IT Training Ltd. 01635 573555

The purpose of this course

Front-line sales people need to be able to make a telling contribution quickly. The course is designed to bring new salespeople rapidly up to speed and ensure that they can meet their organisation's objectives.

Benefits for the individual

Delegates will be provided with an understanding of why people buy. They will develop a tailored selling structure covering the selling process from initial prospecting to the final close.

What the course will cover
  • Setting business and personal goals
  • Pre-call research and prospecting
  • Introductions and keeping control
  • The use of questioning and active listening techniques
  • Understand what it is that customers buy
  • Use of demonstrations, brochures and visual aids
  • How to sell solutions and not products
  • Anticipating the objections and working up strong responses
  • How to handle objections
  • Recognising buying signals to assist in gaining commitment
  • Closing the sale
  • Projects Include:
    • The Silver Snake
    • The Garbage Compactor
  • Video Clip: Ask Questions
  • Video Clip Sell The Benefits
  • Video Clip: Handle Objections
  • Video Clip: The Communicator
  • Video Clip: Close The Sale

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