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Call Centre Skills

Two-Day Course: Presented by MONDALE IT Training Ltd. 01635 573555

The purpose of this course

To explain how call centre agents should complement the broader sales back office and marketing activity.

Benefits for the individual

Reduced fear and increased confidence improved planning and structure for calls. Gain an understanding of how to deal with the demands of the busy call centre environment.

What the course will cover
  • Call control, questioning techniques of voice and vocabulary.
  • How to handle stress in the call centre
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • The correct way to receive an inbound call
  • How to screen and transfer a call
  • The correct way to handle customer complaints
  • How to handle abusive language
  • Build a fast rapport on the telephone
  • The use of positive strokes
  • How to improve the call centre shop window
  • Projects Include:
    • The Angry Call
    • The Complaint
  • Video Clip: The Call Centre

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