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Stress and Time Management

Two-Day Course: Presented by MONDALE IT Training Ltd. 01635 573555

The purpose of this course

This practical course is designed to help participants to better understand, manage and prevent stress, by managing their time and using simple stress relief methods. The lessons will show delegates how to perform at their own optimum level and to enjoy their work.

Benefits for the individual

Delegates will be shown how to identify the type and level of stress which they are experiencing. They will learn how to relax and refresh their mind and body anywhere, anytime. The course will show simple ways to prevent time being wasted by unproductive tasks and office distractions.

What the course will cover
  • Understand stress what it is and how does it happen?
  • The illusions which now surround the concept of stress
  • How to recognise the root cause of all forms of stress
  • The signs, symptoms, causes and triggers of stress
  • How to identify Key Result Work Areas and set SMART objectives
  • How to prioritise and plan work
  • How to deal with email overload
  • How to best organise a work area
  • How to deal with timewasters
  • Projects Include:
    • Lets Get Physical
    • Its Time For Action
  • Video Clip: Erica's Morning

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