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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services:

A Penetration Test subjects targets to real-world attacks used to actively evaluate an organisation’s security measures. An organisation’s security posture is analysed for vulnerabilities in technologies, applications and security design though active testing. The ultimate goal of which includes the potential exploitation of systems.

Our penetration testing service mimics an attacker that has targeted your organisation and its information assets and mission critical systems. We work with you to define and assess your requirements though a threat modelling process to develop and define attack profiles that are specifically designed for your testing requirements. This allows us to efficiently and effectively provide testing that meets your business goals, objectives and expectations.

Our team of specialists targets your network infrastructure, information assets and associated applications to identify and evaluate possible weaknesses. We then determine the potential impact of gaining access to your network and its resources through actively exploiting those weaknesses.

Our testing team will assume the role of an attacker intent on accessing your organisation's customer data, financial records and other sensitive information.

Discover. Determine. Defend.

We offer complete and comprehensive penetration testing to secure your information assets from attackers. Penetration tests are critical complements to vulnerability scanning. Penetration testing is the logical next step and provides tangible evidence illustrating to what extent vulnerabilities can be exploited. Penetration testing actively promotes the discovery of vulnerabilities, determines their actual impact and provides the information required to remediate vulnerabilities and defend your infrastructure and information assets.

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