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ITIL Training

Benefits of ITIL Training:

We offers the most sought after certifications in ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library®), recognised as the de-facto worldwide standard for IT Service Management. Offering a vendor and technology independent set of best practice guidance for the effective management of IT services, ITIL® improves the efficiency and productivity of IT systems and processes. We use a pool of leading ITIL® instructors to choose from and our training is accredited by, and follows the syllabus specified by the Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) of the British Computer Society.

Our ITIL Courses include the ISEB Foundation Certificate ITIL, which is a 3-day course with delegates taking the ISEB certificate exam on the final day, as well as the 5-day Service Support course ISEB Managers Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL Service Support)

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