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ISEB skills and certification

Our exclusive range of courses is developed and delivered by expert ISEB-accredited instructors, and we provide everything from standard courses to bespoke training solutions for entire organisations.

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ISEB level definitions

ISEB Foundation Qualifications
ISEB Foundation Certificates provide a broad coverage of a subject area. This coverage is examined in terms of candidate knowledge and comprehension. Each certificate may be used for one of the following purposes:

  • As a strong basis for future progression within the same subject area
  • To provide an appreciation of the subject for any interested parties
  • To allow candidates to use and understand the subject terminology
  • To provide an insight into the area for practitioners, specialists and managers from other subject areas

ISEB Essentials Qualifications
ISEB Essentials Certificates provide fundamental knowledge and comprehension in a specific skill or subject area. They are targeted at candidates who wish to use their broad knowledge from the foundation level qualifications and take the next step to improve their knowledge in this area.

ISEB Practitioner Qualifications
ISEB Practitioner Certificates focus on specific skills or subject areas and examine a detailed understanding and the application of knowledge. These certificates are targeted at practitioners working within the specific areas who wish to improve their knowledge and demonstrate their abilities in this area.

ISEB Higher Level Qualifications
The Higher level ISEB qualifications are aimed at Specialists and Managers within specific areas who may be managing processes or people. A more holistic view of the components of the subject and the interactions between these components is expected of the candidate.

ISEB Professional Level
The ISEB Professional level requires a depth of experience in one discipline and breadth of coverage across a range of others. This should be supported by evidence of experience in the chosen area, ethics, leadership and interpersonal skills.

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